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Babymetal's new album The Other One is here! We still can't quite believe that Babymetal have been around for a decade now, much less that we're approaching the tenth anniversary of their self-titled debut album (after all, 2002 was just a few years ago, right?), but the Japanese metal sensations continue to push boundaries and prove the hype is very much justified for one of metal's most unique acts. 

In a glowing review in this month's Metal Hammer (which features the band alongside power metal heroes Sabaton as a dual cover), reviewer Alec Chillingworth described The Other One as "nigh-on no-filler, and unquestionably their strongest compendium of delirium to date."

We know that Babymetal also have one of metal's most engaged fanbases (and have the votes from our regular tracks of the week feature to back that up), but now we want to know: what are your thoughts on the album? What would you award it, out of ten? And where do you think this album fits in amidst their discography to date?

While the Fox God only knows what else the band have in store for us so far as this multiversal METALVERSE concept goes, we want to get your take on the utterly unique metal sensation that is Babymetal. So share your thoughts with us on Twitter, and click on our handy poll below to share what score you'd award The Other One - and we'll share the results next week. 

And if you've not heard the new album yet, we've included a handy link to the record on Spotify at the bottom of the page. 

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