Q&A: Terry Reid

What’s the idea behind these Ronnie Scott’s dates (he did three in June that year)?

They’re a warm-up for Glastonbury, which I’m also doing. I will be singing a mixture of material old and new. And I’m thrilled to say that Max Middleton [Jeff Beck, Kate Bush, Mick Taylor] will be playing keyboards.

**Is there a new album on the way? **

I’ve been working on ideas for one for a while. But the phone never stops ringing. I’m always busy, so it’s all about finding the time.

**How did you get involved in the recent album by former Procol Harum lyricist Keith Reid? **

I was once in a band with Matthew Fisher [ex-PH keyboard player] though I didn’t know Keith ’til we worked together. I’ve still not heard the finished album; would you ask Keith to send me one? [Laughs]

**Did you make it over for Zeppelin’s gig at the O2? **

No, but I’d have loved to have seen them getting into the spandex one more time before it ceases to fit [guffaws with laughter]. They’ll kill me for that one. I spoke to some people who did see it and they reckoned it went really well.

**Do you sympathise with Plant’s reluctance to keep the Zeppelin flying? **

He’s right. You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. That Robert won five Grammys [with Alison Krauss] confirms there are other things he – and they – can do.

This was published in Classic Rock issue 133.

Dave Ling

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