Nihilistic nu metal with electro-punk attitude? Wargasm have got it covered

(Image credit: Press)

Take some catchy nu metal riffs, throw in a bit of riot grrrl flare and wash it down with a healthy dosage of post-apocalyptic angst and you’ve got the cataclysmic but charismatic Wargasm. Joint forces of scene veteran and guitarist Sam Matlock and international model and bassist Milkie Way, the unstoppable pair dub themselves as “angry music for sad people” and are packed with nihilistic grooves that resonate with today’s unpredictable times.

“I don’t know how people function in music without the punk ethos,” says Sam. “‘Wargasm’ is the aggression of the war and the excitement of the ’gasm… it’s a very powerful word!”

The duo formed their friendship through the underground music scene – Milkie’s Girl In The Pit photography series brought her to a show with Matlock’s old band and it spiralled into making songs on the toilet and teething through a pop-punk phase that Sam says is “buried in a hole on fire”.

They stress that genre won’t limit them, adding that “every single track is an opportunity for rebirth.” Wanting to fill a gap in the market, Wargasm is “finding a happy medium, but then making it mental,” Milkie explains. “I love nu metal, I know there’s loads of amazing woman in nu metal, like Amy Lee, but I wish there had been just a little bit more of something like me. I want to push that.”

You might also remember this pair from their recent appearance on Download TV. Streaming from Milkie’s kitchen as they moshed out with her washing machine, they weren’t sure what kind of response to expect but the comments had them both in stitches.

 “You got people like, ‘There’s a girl in the kitchen!’, which is ironic because I’m the one who does the fucking cooking!” Sam chuckles. “Even if they say they don’t like us, they’re still fucking saying your name,” Milkie argues. “So everyone’s like, ‘Oh, who’s this band that you hate? I’m gonna listen to them and see if I hate them as well’… and then, hopefully, they don’t actually hate us. Ha ha ha!”