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MEGA GALLERY: Impericon Festival in Manchester

Last Bank Holiday Monday a load of hardcore and deathcore’s biggest and brightest stars invaded the home of The Smiths and Oasis to shake things up with beatdowns and all-out brutality.

Headlined by deathcore big guns Suicide Silence, Impericon brought the likes of Whitechapel, The Ghost Inside, Deez Nuts and more into the North West. If you weren’t there and want to pretend you were, turn your stereo up LOUD and stick your peepers on these pics straight from the pit.

Opening the day were post-hardcore Swedes Adept and from then it was a warzone in Manchester Academy with hardcore bruisers Desolated, Manc death metallers Ingested, and Cali noisemongers Being As An Ocean following-up.

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And how would you recover from the bludgeoning of four snarling bands getting up in your face and spitting in your eyes? The simple answer is that you wouldn’t. Not when it’s only half past four in the afternoon and you’re not even drunk yet.

But San Diego deathcorers Carnifex, inky Aussies Deez Nuts, melodic hardcore chantleaders Stick To Your Guns and modern death metallers Whitechapel stopped at nothing to make ears bleed and bodies slam.

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Rounding off the all-dayer battering that left Manchester Academy a sweaty gloop of snapbacks and longsleeves were Los Angeles’ finest melodic hardcore crew The Ghost Inside and the almighty Suicide Silence who dwarf the rest of the line-up having an arsenal of genre-defining deathcore anthems under their belt. It got fucking rowdy.

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All photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal

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