Live Preview: King King

The band scooped five gongs at last year’s British Blues Awards. Guitarist/vocalist Alan Nimmo sets the scene for a new album, Reaching For The Light, and an 18-date British tour.

Were the repeat visits to the stage at the British Blues Awards embarrassing?

It was more tiring than anything else [laughs]. They made us go off the stage, out of the building and back in again.

**Support on these shows is by Laurence Jones, one of several younger musos on the rise. Is the blues becoming sexy again? **

I bloody well hope so. It’s about time we got some popularity back. Our audience has grown older with us over the last twenty years, so it’s vital to inject some youth.

Why is it happening?

It’s probably thanks to people like Joe Bonamassa, but I think people are getting fed up of music that means nothing.

**Like Joe’s, King King’s blues is underpinned by an appreciation of hard rock. **

Along with Muddy Waters, I grew up on AC/DC, Free, Bad Company and Deep Purple. When we want, we can pull out some of the best straight-up blues, but those influences are coming out the more I mature as a songwriter. You’ll be able to hear them on our new album, Reaching For The Light.

As a proud Scotsman, can we assume that you voted ‘yes’ for independence?

I wasn’t allowed to vote as I was living in France.

Why do you wear kilts on stage?

Firstly it makes us look a bit different. And secondly, I don’t exactly have the figure of a young, slim rock star. It became a gimmick.

Dare we ask about what lurks beneath?

[Laughs] Just use your imagination.* DL*

The tour ends in Aberdeen on March 22.

Dave Ling

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