If you listen to one new blues album this week, make it The Cinelli Brothers' debut…

The Cinelli Brothers

Brothers Marco and Alessandro Cinelli discovered the blues as kids in Italy. Marco picked up the guitar, aged 11; Alessandro’s been behind a kit since he was 7. 

Reunited in London back in 2017, the brothers started jamming again and the Cinelli Brothers were born: a project born out of a common passion for the electric Chicago and Texas blues from the 60s and 70s. Think Chess, Stax and Motown.

The Cinelli Brothers, live.

The Cinelli Brothers, live.

Debut album Baby Please Set Your Alarm entertains from the off, with the harp-led Your Lies, the title track sounds like it was knocked up in a Chicago rehearsal room in 1962, while old Aretha hit Chain Of Fools and Prince’s Kiss are both transformed. It’s a little rough round the edges here and there, but you wouldn’t want it any other way.

You can listen to the album now on Bandcamp (click the picture below):

Buy Babe Please Set Your Alarm on Amazon. For info, visit their site.