The ultimate My Bloody Valentine playlist, by Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas

Ice Nine Kills Spencer Charnas
(Image credit: Matt Akana)

Valentine’s Day. Flowers, candlelit dinners and bloody hearts wrenched out of ribcages, right? Absolutely. And who better to serve up the perfect soundtrack than Ice Nine Kills’ Spencer Charnas. The Boston horror-metallers have just served up a killer – pun intended – version of the Elvis Presley classic Can’t Help Falling In Love, so we asked their frontman and full-on movie freak to put together a special My Bloody Valentine playlist. We guessed it would be interesting, but we never quite expected to see Dying Fetus rubbing shoulders with Roxette.

Over to you, Spencer…

Metal Hammer line break

Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart

“Poignant heart-on-your-sleeve lyrics mixed with incredible vocal delivery has made this 80s pop gem stand the test of time. From its hilarious appearance in Old School, to its morbidly comedic cameo in Urban Legend, Total Eclipse Of The Heart can be appreciated on so many different levels when its accompanied by the proper visuals.“

Senses Fail – Lady In A Blue Dress

“Buddy and co always had a knack for lyrics that painted a strong visual picture, and this one in particular tells the story of a toxic love affair which seems all the more relevant as February 14th draws near.”

The Get Up Kids - Valentine

“One of the best cuts from their best album, this track oozes with a loneliness that every single person can identify with, especially on V-day.”

Saves The Day - You Vandal

“Chris Conley has always been the king of twisted tongue in cheek lyrics within catchy as hell melodies, and this is the finest example.”

“Blink hits all the right spots in the nostalgia category. This transports my teenage skater heart to the mall where I spent hours working up the courage to talk to my crush.”

Goldfinger - Mable

“A classic pop punk banger about that perfect lady that got away. What can I say? There's just something about Mable...”

Paul Zaza - The Ballad Of Harry Warden

“The mother of all Valentine's day horror flicks, My Bloody Valentine gave birth to this haunting folk number. This Peter, Paul & Scary arrangement plays over the credits in the movie and eloquently lets you know that there's more than one way to lose your heart…”

Dying Fetus - From Womb To Waste

“It's not just the punishingly heavy slug fest that makes this song so memorable, it's also the opening sound clip from a Doctor Phil kind of show that takes it to the next level.”

Roxette – It Must Have Been Love

“I may be a slasher and comedy fan above all else, but there's nothing quite like a 90s rom-com with a heartstring-pulling soundtrack to set the tone for Valentine's Day. That rom-com was Pretty Woman, and it was made all the more memorable by this powerful ballad.”

Ice Nine Kills - Love Bites

“Inspired by what might by John Landis' best work, An American Werewolf In London, Love Bites reminds us that when horror and comedy are mixed together with just the right amounts of fun and fear, the outcome can be a bloody good time.”