Hot New Band: Shields

Are we pre-programmed creatures of instinct, or a product of our environment? Which is more important… nature or nurture?

Whatever you believe, there’s no denying that Sam Kubrick – grandson of legendary filmmaker Stanley – has more than a little creative dynamism lurking in his DNA, as one listen to his band Shields’ new EP, Guilt, should confirm./o:p

A brutish blend of ultra-modern groove metal and post-djent atmospherics and melodies, it’s a tantalising glimpse of what these newbie metallurgists are capable of.

“Our first release was very progressive and ‘djenty’,” says Sam. “The songs were a little all over the place, so when we wrote Guilt we wanted to end up releasing something that we would actually want to buy and listen to ourselves. It’s much, much heavier, and the lyrics are way more personal. Jordan is about a close friend of ours who sadly took his own life. Our singer Joe is a great lyricist, so putting pen to paper and expressing himself on such a personal topic came really naturally.”

Pushing metal forward in much the same way that his noted forebear did with cinema, Sam and his bandmates seem primed and equipped for the long haul, with countless shows and van-bound excursions under their collective belt already. Thus far, the glamour of the movie industry has remained stubbornly out of reach.

“For a long time I would always drive us to our shows in my little soccer mum van,” says Sam. “Often we’d sleep in some service station with our guitars piled on our laps, sleeping upright or leaning forward because my boot wasn’t large enough for the rest of our gear! I’m not complaining, though. Sometimes you’ve got to suffer for your art!”

And what about the art of Grandpa Stan? Are you sick of being asked about him yet?

“Oh, I never get sick of it! To be honest, I’m never asked about it that much… he made some films, right?”


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