Family: Vinnie Paul

Did you and your brother, Dimebag Darrell, grow up in a musical home?

My dad was a country and western musician. There was always music around the house, mostly country music.

Was your dad supportive of your music?

There were some things he really didn’t understand that blew his mind. I’d say: “Dad, remember when you were a kid and went crazy about Elvis and your mom and dad asked what the fuck you were watching? This is the same for us.”

Who picked up an instrument first, you or your brother?

We both started at the same time, on drums. I got better than him and wouldn’t let him play any more. He got mad and went to my dad and my dad gave him a guitar. Thank God it happened that way.

Did the two of you ever fight?

No, it was always great, we worked as a team on everything. After losing him it was very, very difficult to learn to do things without him.

Did music become a form of therapy to help you cope with his loss?

I didn’t know if I would play music ever again. I took a lot of time to collect my thoughts. I feel like my brother would have kicked my ass if I hadn’t done something productive. I feel like I’m carrying the torch for both of us.

Rich Chamberlain

Rich Chamberlain has written for Classic Rock,, Total Guitar, Nuts, FourFourTwo, Billboard, Classic Rock Presents The Blues and Classic Rock Presents Country.