Depressed 7ft clown sings Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here

Puddle Pity Party
Puddle Pity Party (Image credit: YouTube)

Renowned web clown Puddles Pity Party has released footage of his cover version of Pink Floyd’s 1975 classic Wish You Were Here.

The 7ft entertainer has previously released covers by the likes of The Who, Cheap Trick, David Bowie, Badfinger, Bonnie Tyler and more, and now turns his attention to a song Rolling Stone described on its release as “ho-hum.”

“This Pink Floyd song reminds me of Hank Williams,” says Puddles. “Hence my sorry train whistle sounds.”

“I messed up a word in it,” he adds. “Can you find it?”

Puddles’ video was filmed in a coffee shop, and is part of an ongoing series. “I take one of your requests from social media and learn it right there and then, ” he says. “Play it and make a video. Hopped up on coffee. What could go wrong?”

Puddles doesn’t talk to the press, but has an earthly representative in the shape of “Big” Mike Geier, who tells FestMag about his relationship with the mysterious jester.

“He seems to prefer the awkwardness of communicating silently,” says Geier, “rather than risk saying something stupid. Puddles gives me a call, text, email, letter, telegram, knock on the door or smoke signal, and I stop whatever I’m doing and we get to going… I’ll put my life on hold for that fella, gladly. He has taken me on the most incredible journey since I met him.”

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