Danger Danger: "There is no motivation to record another album"

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New Jersey hard rockers Danger Danger are on the bill for the inaugural Hair Metal Heaven Festival which takes place in Hull. Bassist Bruno Ravel sets the scene.

The last time Danger Danger played in the UK was as the final band at the last Firefest, in 2012. That was an emotional night.

It was pretty emotional for me as well. It was the final show of our twenty-fifth-anniversary reunion run, as well as the final Firefest, so I was very aware of what was going on and was taking it all in. It was a great night.

Hair Metal Heaven takes place in the Hull. What do you know about the event?

Honestly? Not much other than that the line-up looks respectable, and I’ve heard some good things about the promoter.

Which of the bands appearing at the event on the Saturday will you most likely be partying with the most?

Ha! I don’t really know any of them personally, except for the TNT guys and a few select others, but I suspect we’ll all know each other after that night.

Michael Monroe will receive a special Hall Of Fame award. Do you know him?

I’m a fan but I’ve never met him. I hope to say hi.

How would you describe Danger Danger’s current status? You don’t play live often, and the last record is now eight years old.

That’s a good question. You could say that we are a reflection of the rock scene – or lack thereof – that exists today. Booking and co-ordinating shows is challenging due to the shrinking market and fan base. I doubt we’ll ever record another album. Other than doing so for the fans, there really is no motivating factor. However, we have discussed maybe recording a single song, putting it up on iTunes and taking it from there. As long as we’re still a functioning band there’s always a chance.

You and guitarist Rob Marcello put together The Defiants with former DD singer Paul Laine, and their debut was Classic Rock’s AOR album of 2017. Is there more to come from them?

It was a blast making that record. I hope there’s another one in me. I must admit it’s been really hard for me to get inspired lately, with all the negativity and bullshit that life brings. Hopefully I can pull myself out of my creative rut and get back in the studio.

What was Paul Laine on at the Rockingham Festival? Throwing bottles of Jack Daniel’s, losing his mic under the drum riser… He seemed unapologetically, uproariously drunk.

That was definitely not one of his better nights. Paul’s plan was to have a few drinks before the show to loosen up, and it snowballed on him. Despite his condition he did pretty damned good.

Hair Metal Heaven takes place on August 2627.

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