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Beardwatching at Desertfest 2014

Do you love beards? Perhaps you own a beard? Perhaps you own one of the most impressive hairy beasts known to man. Well if you were at Desertfest this past weekend you could be here! And even if you're not, there's enough beardy goodness in here to make Brian Blessed weep into his own face bush.

Good solid effort here. Definite maximising of the surface area reminiscent of an auburn Santa.

A perfect example of a honed beard – it looks like it could be used as a chin baton. Bonus points for the Kvelertak tee.

A more sinister looking beard that forks off in different directions, it’s like his jaw is throwing some hairy horns.

Just look at the size of this! This man’s beard is the size of his head and he hardly seems fazed. Bravo, sir.

Another fine example of pronged face fur that looks like it could cause serious damage. Especially with the soul-killing stare.

Not much to look at in the beard department here, but major metal points for this man!