Analysing some more of metal's goriest album covers

Good afternoon, fellow art-lovers. Or should I say good morning? I suppose it depends what time it is, really. Either way, no matter what stage of the day it is, you can always appreciate some good art. That’s because art is timeless. So stop looking at your watch – it’s of no use here – and follow me on a journey through another ten of my most very favourite pieces.

The Art Of Partying by Municipal Waste

I particularly like this cover because it contains the word ‘art’. It’s a well-known fact in the art world, that if the name of a painting contains the word ‘art’, then it is most definitely 100% art. This also contains zombies and vomit, which are sometimes art. In this case, we know that the zombies and vomit are art because the the piece contains the word ‘art’ in it.

Sickening Bliss by Regurgitate

This lovely piece clearly depicts the joys many women experience when they pull out all of their own guts and pretend its a baby. It’s either that or a ‘comment’ on something. Sometimes artists like to make ‘comments’ on things through their art – it’s what they were put on this planet for. Regurgitate might be doing this, or they might just be trying to do something else. Or possibly even something else.

Hallucinating Anxiety by Cadaver

If you look closely at this piece, you will notice what looks like a fish eye, or the eye of a fish. Fish swim in the water, and the opposite of the water is the air, so the opposite of a fish is a bird. Thus we can assume that the artist behind this is offering up the notion that we must look at the world from a bird’s eye view, in order to truly understand our lives.

The Dead Shall Dead Remain by Impaled

Here we can see a toilet, with what appears to be the insides of a human being within it (and around it). This is clearly reinforcing the fact that we are the same inside as we are out. We are all human beings, and nobody is different to the other, which is why we should treat all people equally, and with kindness – particularly if they’ve just shat all their guts out onto the floor.

Eaten Back To Life by Cannibal Corpse

Eaten back to life. Eaten back to life? Eaten back to life. It’s a statement that resonates, reverberates and renovates. Is it possible to eat yourself back to life? That’s the question that the artist poses here – coming from the brink of death (or possibly even death itself), the subject has enabled himself to continue living by eating his own intestines, and as I’m sure you can agree, that makes complete sense in every possible way.

Universe Of Gory Tales by Bodysnatch

This interesting scene is clearly a critique of the fast-food industry. How do we know what we’re eating in our kebabs and burgers? Are we sure it’s lamb, or beef? How is it possible to ensure that it’s not something altogether more sinister and dangerous, like human flesh, or Quorn? This piece aims to address that uncertainty, and it does it with a chainsaw. Subtlety at its best.

To The Gory End by Cancer

This is clearly a comment on consumerism. That’s because this painting is of a scene in the 1978 film Dawn Of The Dead, and that film was a comment on consumerism. Ergo, comment on consumerism – that’s how these things work, okay?

The Precious Ideal by Chordotomy

Now, I don’t normally like to guess, but I’m about to now. This very abstract piece must be about something – no art is not – but what is that something? I think it is something to do with the common cold. It’s a visual representation and physical manifestation of the common cold. Each area of the body that is affected by a cold is viewed here – the nose, the chest etc. It’s almost an absurdist snapshot of a sneeze. Yeah actually that’s what it is – a sneeze.

Cerebral Cereal by Pyaemia

You could say that art as a whole is ‘cerebral cereal’, insofar as you consume it and it adds to your knowledge. However, in the case of this piece, it just means literally eating a brain, most likely for breakfast. That’s probably about it.

Withered And Decayed by Spawned From Hate


Analysing some of metal's goriest album art