2015 – The Burning Questions: How much for Kurt Cobain's credit card?

Going, going, gone. (Except for Pink Floyd’s eyes, that is…)

Kurt Cobain’s credit card

_The backstory: _A Visa card once owned by the Nirvana frontman, ‘Kurt D (Donald) Cobain’ (he’s signed it, and appears to have scrawled a phone number next to it) went up for auction in February. Part of Paddle8’s ‘Memorabilia From Rock Gods And Pop Stars’, it was initially issued by Seattle’s (now-defunct) Seafirst Bank and expired 20 years ago.

How much did it go for? Sold for an undisclosed amount, but bidding was known to have reached at least $18,600.

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The first Beatles contract

_The backstory: _Well, back then they were Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers. Signed in 1961 (by Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and original drummer Pete Best) the contract led to their single My Bonnie, which caught the eye of Brian Epstein.

_How much did it go for? _£48,000 ($75,000) to an unknown buyer.

Pink Floyd’s eyes

_The backstory: _This perspex sculpture (one of just 10 made) was the brainchild of the late Storm Thorgerson – graphic designer behind artwork for Floyd, Sabbath, Zeppelin and others. Commissioned by EMI, the pair of eyes graced the cover of Floyd’s 2006 live album_ Pulse. _

_How much did it go for? _It was expected to fetch £6,000-£10,000, but wasn’t sold.

Peanuts comic strip, as drawn by Jim Morrison

_The backstory: _The Doors man made Snoopy and co. (Charles M Schulz’s characters) do filthy things in this bootleg strip. In one frame, Lucy and Charlie Brown barter for sex, while Linus says “I think I got syphilis from that whore down the street” in another. Oo-er…

How much did it go for? $1,314.50 to an unknown buyer.

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