The Boss Mustangs: The Boss Mustangs

Boss sounds from the Michigan underground.

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From the goatees and ‘burns right down to their matching shimmering paisley jackets, The Boss Mustangs are willing to go out of their way and then some to recreate the stylish and hedonistic vibe of the Detroit underground circa 1967.

No detail is too small, apparently, and the quest for authenticity naturally extends to the hog wild, freak-out sounds of this smokin’ debut.

This is all about fast cars, loose women, acres of fuzzed-to-fuck guitars and reverb-drenched vocals – nothing more, nothing less. The born-in-a-garage gems come pleasingly thick and fast, with the likes of Turn On, If Your Baby Was My Boss and The Island Of Misfit People worthy of special mention for simply and convincingly hammering home the heavy psych manifesto – top of the heap, however, must be the sizzling Burnout, just for its genius kooky keyboard riff.

Let The Boss Mustangs drive you to their party – you won’t regret it.