Stray - All In Your Mind: The Transatlantic Years 1970-1974 album review

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Roaring out of west London as teenagers in the late 60s, Stray became faves on the UK’s thriving club scene with their riff-bolstered prog, favouring Del Bromham’s guitar flights and US psych vocal harmonies.

After 1970’s self-titled debut album, Stray recorded four more for Transatlantic (Suicide, Saturday Morning Pictures, Mudanzas and Move It), supporting the likes of Sabbath and Quo but never breaking big (even when managed by Charlie Kray).

Changing label and line-ups, Stray continued with Bromham out front, getting a boost when Maiden’s Steve Harris declared himself a fan and his band covered All In Your Mind for the B-side of Holy Smoke.

This bulging box contains the Transatlantic albums plus a disc of outtakes, rare 45s and demos, including their 1968 audition.

Stray might not have found a home then, but they play a reunion show this month to celebrate this belated but well-deserved acknowledgement of their endless graft.