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Nitrogods - Roadkill BBQ album review

The spirit of Lemmy and co lives on

Cover art for Nitrogods - Roadkill BBQ album

Some bands are driven to experiment and mature their sound – and some bands just couldn’t give a monkey’s. Case in point, Teutonic Motörhead worshippers Nitrogods who, like their primary reference point, just do what they do – cranking out hi-octane rock’n’roll at earsplitting volume. They even have a number here dubbed Boogeyman, though ironically it’s not a cover of Lemmy and co’s tune of the same name from Rock’n’Roll.

The closest we get to any deviation from the formula is the title track – which sounds like da ’Head channelling classic Status Quo boogie Where Have The Years Gone – where we get a damn fine Who impression. Then there’s The Price Of Liberty, penned in the style of Ted Nugent. Otherwise, it’s heads down, see you at the end, as Oimel, Klaus and Henny thrash their way to the finish line in tried and tested style.