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Lifehouse: Out Of The Wasteland

Easy-listening alt.rock.

You just know something ain’t right when yer missus describes an album as pleasant. Oh dear.

According to frontman Jason Wade, this record is meant to hark back to the excitement of being teenagers practising in a garage once again. If that’s the case, you really can’t imagine his neighbours complaining about the noise. They might even pop round for some cocoa afterwards.

Lifehouse aren’t one of the most played bands on US radio by accident – everything is polished until it squeaks. From soaring opener Hurricane to piano- and strings-driven closer Hourglass, this is heavy on harmonies and sentiment, but lacking grit and guts.

The vibe is so sedate, serious and self-important in places, it’s a bit like Creed on Mogadons. Cue another million-plus sales then./o:p