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Enslaved - E album review

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Cover art for Enslaved - E album

Enslaved go rave! Not really. But 2006’s fractal backdrops might return when they tour these dreamy shoegaze, pommelling Viking metal and masterful Mastodonish curlicues. New vocalist Håkon Vinje brings a cosmic Killing Joke vibe butE’s aces are the primordial, Wardruna-enhanced Feathers Of Eolh and roaring SOFTWAREmark” gingersoftwareuiphraseguid=“5c667eba-bed4-4abe-a93f-9664b53fa66f” id=“8f564cdc-fa58-4e99-9d84-e8d269de176f”>Hiindsiights, featuring the avant-sax of Kjetil Møster. New shoots, esoteric routes.

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