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Berry Quincy: Tuesday

Surprising debut from Belgian mystery men.

Not a lot seems to be known about Berry Quincy just yet. They’re a band, not a person. They’re from Leuven in Belgium.

Tuesday is their second album, following 2013’s self-titled debut. And despite some rather gothic artwork, their sound is smooth, restrained rock with an overlying whiff of prog thanks to their insistent keys on opener Old Man, dry harmonies and a subtle sense of drama.

As a result, tracks such as the chugging_ Take It Out There_ sound like Pink Floyd donning a denim disguise in a bid to infiltrate a down-and-dirtier universe than their own. Subtle World, meanwhile, leaps into a jaunty backwoods-jazz jig that’s strictly European.

This is a curious little adventure then, and one that could see the fruits of their labour appeal to all those with a taste for the unusual.