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Airstream: Kingdom Of Isolation

Swedish supergroup blends AOR with rock opera.

Formed by ex-Sky Of Rage singer Stiff Karlsson and former Thunder bassist Micke Hoglund, these Swedes don’t stand on ceremony when making their opening statement to the world.

They launch straight into the does-what-it-says-in-the-title anthem The Power Of Music, which features a kitchen-sink approach to arrangements featuring fret-shredding, synth-washes, hyperactive drums and Karlsson’s epic bellow all competing for attention.

Such bluster sometimes threatens to drown out tidy tunes such as Hold On To What We’ve Got, before Oh Mother Oh Father suddenly thrusts into rock opera-style staccato prog passages and a him-and-her vocal spat.

It’s all slightly bonkers stuff but, hey, there are no prizes for subtlety at this end of the rock spectrum./o:p