42 Decibel: Hard Rock N’ Roll

Self-explanatory Argentinian debut album.

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Originality? Pah! 21st century? No chance. Resolutely inside the box and having the time of their lives there, 42 Decibel will not revolutionise your musical outlook.

Rather, they’ll cheerfully massage your long-held, comfortable relationships with classic rock staples, evoking ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and early AC/DC… a lot of early AC/DC. The likes of Long Legged Woman and Take Me could’ve come straight out of High Voltage. Solos offer satisfying, spirited nostalgia, and notions of beer, women and whisky are so well-trodden they’re practically fossilised.

Zero marks for creative thinking, then, but impossible to not enjoy. They’ve whipped up a storm in Buenos Aires rock clubs, and we’d gladly bet they put on a fantastic night.