The Six Best New Songs You’ll Hear All Week

Wakrat featuring Tim Commerford

Here are six new songs, which if played at the same time, will sound like the Devil himself. But, if you play them consecutively in a relaxed environment, scientists believe that your weekend will improve by 73%. We’re just waiting for confirmation on this, but it sounds about right.

Listen, enjoy and comment below…

WAKRAT – Generation Fucked

As the title of this song suggests, Generation Fucked doesn’t hold back in the slightest, and sees Wakrat – led by Prophets Of Rage’s Tim Commerford – explode in a fireball of dissent at the state of the world (and, in particular, America). A muscular monolith of a song that’s as powerful as bad news on your birthday.

ANVIL – Zombie Apocalypse

There are, sadly, no actual zombies in this new video by veteran metallers Anvil. Rather, this is a hard rocking meditation on the state of the world and all the problems facing it – manmade and otherwise – and how we, as a species, are just blindly forging through it, unaware and ignorant. Just like zombies. But a bit more frightening.

DESCENDENTS – Without Love

The second track to be released off the Descendents’ long-awaited new album – their first in 12 years – is, a little surprisingly, kind of tender and melancholy. As tender and melancholy as a Descendents song can be, anyway – it’s still of the catchy, poppy, punky hooks that defined the band’s songs in their early days. Except this one is over three minutes long – that would have never happened before.

PERIPHERY – Marigold

Washington, DC metallers Periphery have made an epic animated video for this track, taken from their upcoming fifth album, Periphery III: Select Difficulty. A swirl of emphatic, progressive metal, Marigold is full of surprises, fusing melody and aggression with ease and veering off in different directions when you least expect it.

THE KUT – Bad Man

Grungey London trio The Kut offer up a blast of spiky revenge with this latest single, taken from their newest EP, Rock Paper Scissors. Vicious and visceral in equal measure, it’s a song that builds up into a frenzied (and foul-mouthed) crescendo that bristles with aggression and rage.

GOJIRA – Lowlands

French metallers Gojira don’t mess around when it comes to their pulverising riffs, and they don’t mess around with their videos either. This is an appropriately bleak visual representation of Lowlands, a dark, unsettling and rather sinister track. And while it’s relatively mellow by Gojira’s standards, it’s certainly no less intense.