The Cavalera kids have grown up and started a band

Lody Kong

“Our parents didn’t pressure us to get into music. They let us find out what we wanted to do on our own.” So says Igor Cavalera – not the former Sepultura drummer, but Max’s 21-year-old son of the same name, who’s teamed up with his brother Zyon, 23, in their band Lody Kong. But before you write them off as rock brats cashing-in on their dreadlocked dad’s success, they want to tell you something.

“When a musician has a kid, people just think they’re a jackass who dicks around and feeds off their parent’s success,” says drummer Zyon. “We’re the total opposite – we know we need to work for everything we want. I’d rather them not hand us stuff, I don’t want any of that shit, I wanna work ’til everything I have is earned.”

These two might have scored Fs on their report cards for skipping school to tour with Dad, but you’ve got to give them As for effort. “It’s going to be years before we’re respected and people say we filled our dad’s shoes well,” says vocalist Igor. They’re working hard to establish their own sound; a raw and abrasive punk explosion inspired by 80s hardcore, and shot through with the slow chug of stoner rock.

“Our parents used to want to kill us because we’d have Bad Brains on repeat for hours,” laughs Zyon, while Igor adds that “the other half of Lody Kong comes from sludge and stoner metal. I love Black Sabbath.”

The pair also dabble in production, and true to the DIY spirit, say they want to be as hands-on with shaping their sound as possible. “All our stuff on the internet right now is really raw,” says Zyon. “We were just starting when that was written. This new album, Dreams And Vision, is more modern, thanks to the work we did in the studio.” As for filling their dad’s impressive shoes, they know it won’t happen overnight. “I still feel like we have way more work to do, but we’re going in the right direction,” says Zyon. If they carry on being as humble and as driven as this, they’ll get there soon enough.

SOUNDS LIKE: Punked-up sludge rock with bloody roots

FOR FANS OF: Soulfly, Cancer Bats, Black Tusk

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