This Man Is The Most Metal Swordmaker On The Planet

Swordmaker Michael Cthulhu slicing a giant sword into a tree stump
Michael Cthulhu: maker of giant swords and fearsome axes

Michael Cthulhu is a man who knows a lot about heavy metal. Not just the genre – with his facial hair he could easily pass as a stray member of Mastodon. No, he deals in heavy metal of a different kind: gigantic and very dangerous-looking swords.

The Irish-born, American-based Mr Cthulhu – possibly not his real name – is a blacksmith, welder and master swordmaker who makes fantasy-inspired weapons in his garage. He’s created larger-than-life replicas of swords featured in the Final Fantasy and Legacy Of Kain videogame series, HR Giger-influenced axes and particularly fearsome-looking spiked hammers inspired by Norse mythology.

The people over at Unilad have put together a video of the man himself destroying various fruit household objects with an array of home-made weapons like a demented Celtic warrior who’s got his kilt caught in a mangle.

Even better, he takes commissions so you can have your own weapon of mass destruction to run amok with in your backyard. If you want some insight into how the process works, watch the video below. And if you’re thinking of giving it a try yourself, just be careful where you swing that axe…

Dave Everley

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