Live Interview: Danny Vaughn and Dan Reed

Danny Vaughn of Tyketto sets the scene for an 11-date unplugged tour with the Network’s Dan Reed.

How well do you know one another?

We didn’t even meet until our bands played together at last year’s Download Festival. But gigantic hugs were exchanged and there was a real mutual admiration.

Whose idea was this tour?

Mine. I’d wanted to do something like this for several years, but getting another singer to commit was a nightmare. Dan also plays acoustically, so it’s a great fit.

**How will the show work? **

We’re together on stage throughout, doing each other’s songs. He’ll sit back at some points and I’ll follow suit. There’ll also be some covers, and it’ll be a very give-and-take thing with the audience.

Why the Snake Oil & Harmony tour?

Dan does gigs in people’s houses, which he really loves, and we’re tapping into that whole travelling troubadour vibe. Snake oil salesmen were the guys who went round selling cure-all potions, when really it was just donkey urine [laughs]. We’re giving a little bit of good for what ails you.

You’ve hinted at some special guests.

I’m hoping so. Some friends asked to come along, and I’ve told them: get up here.

Following last year’s 25th-anniversary tour, Tyketto are doing some more shows, including the Steelhouse Festival in Wales.

Yeah. We’ve some very big plans for 2016. Songs are being circulated for a follow-up to Dig In Deep [2012] and there’s a good chance that Brooke [St James, original guitarist] and [current member] Chris Green will both be involved.

The tour ends in Ballymena on April 4.

Dave Ling

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