Brutai Guide You Through Their Setlist

This week Brutai are embarking on the Retro Gamer Tour with Centiment which will no doubt get out of hand quickly. And to get you psyched for the techy groove-metallers, frontman Felix Lawrie gives us a breakdown of their setlist.


“This song is the ideal set opener, it has a very atmospheric intro before crashing into the main chorus. It has elements of groove about it but also has a big spacey feel to it too. Lyrically the song is about insomnia so we wanted to have an almost dreamy soundscape in places especially with the intro – although we’re hoping this song keeps people awake!”


“Arguably our most popular song from our EP. This song has the most groovy and heaviest parts of our EP and is quite tricky to play live but we always have a bunch of fun with it too.”

Never Change

“The first song we wrote since Alex joined the band about a year ago, hence many vocal harmonies ha ha! This is the most straight-forward song of ours in terms of structure but has the most vocals hooks we have ever written.”


“This is our most recent song and is the first we’ve released with our current full line-up, and it pretty much explains what Brutai are all about – being heavy and melodic with big hooks and lots of groove! The song has a section at the end with mainly keys taking the forefront instead of guitars and that’s something we always wanted to try out and thankfully (we think) it was pulled off quite well.”


“We opened our EP with this but we feel it is the ideal live set closer. It’s probably the oldest song from the set but it’s also a landmark track for us as it’s the first track where we decided to change our musical direction – we shot our first ever music video for Flood too.”

You can listen to the full setlist below before checking Brutai out on tour this week!

Brutai join Centiment at the following dates:

1st Dec: Think Tank, Newcastle 2nd Dec: Audio, Glasgow 3rd Dec: Fibbers, York 4th Dec: The Compass, Chester 5th Dec: Alfie Birds, Birmingham

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