Bloodstock 2014: Aborted and ReVamp

As the sky shits on Catton Hall, we stick it out to catch the final round of metal goodness from the Bloodstock main stage.

Death metal aficionados are already more than familiar with Aborted’s extraordinary prowess as a live band, but even by their usual standards the gore-loving veterans are on terrifying form today. Insanely precise and far beyond brutal, they prove how effective extreme metal can be in a festival situation by delivering a set full of teeth-shattering blasts and irresistible, lurching breakdowns, never forgetting that for all its often po-faced power, metal is supposed to be unifying and entertaining too. The fact that Aborted have always revelled in their “holy crap!” factor - an unerring ability to be more remorselessly savage than virtually any other band on earth - means that Bloodstock succumbs with alacrity and even the rain seems to have been temporarily scared off. Oh, and extra points are awarded for the weekend’s only bobble hat-wearing drummer. Stylish bastard. (810) (DL)

There is some truly biblical weather out there when Dutch metallers ReVamp hit the Ronnie James Dio Stage this afternoon, but despite the pounding rain the faithful have still turned up in their droves, and thankfully their efforts are rewarded with a fine display of sharp, progressive goodness. Perhaps better known as the current frontwoman for Nightwish, Floor Jansen is the real star of the show as she leads the charge, effortlessly switching from soaring operatic vocals to growling, guttural death growls as tracks such as Head Up High, Wildcard, The Anatomy Of A Nervous Breakdown: Neurasthenia and In Sickness ‘Till Death Us Do Part: Disdain are all belted out with vigour and smiles all around. Even the deluge stops suddenly at one point and by the time Wolf And Dog finishes proceedings, the sun has broken the gloom and is bathing the stage in glorious, glorious sunshine. Praise be! (710) (JH)