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Body Count/Powerwolf/Charlotte Wessels/Elvellon/Crossfaith
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We hope you've got your plastic swords at the ready, as it's been a big week for power metal. Actually, it's been a big week for a lot of metal subgenres, everthing from rave rock to goth and symphonic metal getting healthy representation on the new releases roster, while the arrival of Kerry King's long-awaited solo album should be cause for celebration for any excitable thrashers.

But, we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, the results from last week's vote! Sweden's Evergrey took an admirable third place with Say, but the race to the top was a tight-sprint with the top two bands getting over a thousand votes each. But while Hanabie might be rising stars out of Japan, it was returning prog metal heroes Coheed And Cambria who took our top spot, new stand-alone single The Joke emerging as clear champ.

This week it's all to play for as we bring you everything from Body Count and Powerwolf to Charlotte Wessels, Summoning The Lich and Crossfaith, hunting far and wide to bring you the very best new metal songs around. As ever, we need your help to decide the ultimate winner, however, so don't forget to cast your vote in the poll below. Have a fantastic weekend!

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Body Count - Psychopath

In a week where we get the new album from Kerry King, it seems he’s not the only one leaning in on Slayer vibes. Body Count are back with their first new single since winning a Grammy for 2020’s Bum-Rush and Psychopath lives up to its title with a sense of maniacal menace that lets Ice-T brandish his best sinister cackle. With added snarls from Fit For An Autopsy’s Joe Bad, this is yet more proof that Body Count have been on unimpeachable form in recent years.

Powerwolf - 1589

Powerwolf might dress like undead priests and sing about werewolves, but their greatest strength has always been the sense of grandeur they evoke with their fist-pumping, oh-so-catchy brand of power metal. 1589 is by no means a massive departure from these realms, but does feel like a moodier tone for the German group, the massive choral chorus making new album Wake Up The Wicked a strong candidate for the most epic Powerwolf album to date. Only a couple of months until the record’s July 26th release and we’ll know for sure.

Charlotte Wessels - The Exorcism

“For a minute I knew peace and it was beautiful… and so boring.” After two volumes of her Tales From Six Feet Under, Charlotte Wessels is pushing her artistry to new realms with new solo album The Obsession, out September 20. Reunited with some of her former Delain bandmates, lead single The Exorcism evokes some of the symphonic grandeur of her former band, but also pushes out in heavier and more progressive territories, lilting melodies giving way to explosive breakouts and snarls, suggesting her next album might be her most incendiary to date.

Apocalyptica - One (ft. James Hetfield)

Apocalyptica returning to the realms that brought them attention in the first place has paid dividends spectacularly with this unique cover of an absolute Metallica classic. Featuring a guest appearance from Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo and an eerie, stirring spoken-word cameo from frontman James Hetfield, it somehow breathes new life into a heavy metal anthem, over thirty years since its arrival.

Elvellon - The Aftermath Of Life

Fancy some explosive, bombastic symphonic metal? Germany’s Elvellon release their second album Ascending In Synergy this week, and to celebrate the fact they’ve pulled out gloriously massive single The Aftermath Of Life. Aftermath… is exactly the kind of big-budget metal anthem that helped the likes of Nightwish and Within Temptation graduate into arenas, an energetic power metal base giving way to symphonic swells that could soundtrack an epic blockbuster.

Visions Of Atlantis - Monsters

Sticking in the realms of bombast and gorgeously produced symphonics, Visions Of Atlantis show they’re not just another throwaway pirate band with new single Monsters. Offering up a massive chorus and some primo-80s guitar god solos, Monsters shows some serious star power in the band and just how much they have grown in the 22 years since their debut album Eternal Endless Infinity.

All For Metal - Valkyries In The Sky (feat. Laura Guldemond & Tim Hansen)

We’ll say it again: it’s a great week for power metal. All For Metal arrived as a colourful new force on the scene with last year’s debut Legends, and in the spirit of striking while the iron is hot the group have announced new record Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon) will be out August 23. New single Valkyries In The Sky is a gloriously bombastic, so-earnest-you-have-to-love-it slab of galloping trad metal, the band drafting in guest vocalists Laura Guldemond of Burning Witches and Tim Hansen on Induction to further expand their sound and reiterate the triumphant, unifying message behind their music.

Iress - The Remains

If plastic sword wielding power metal is just a little too cheerful for you, perhaps you’d be better served by the cool blanket of melancholia offered by Los Angeles’ Iress on new single The Remains. Taken from their new album Sleep Now, In Reverse - out July 26 - The Remains is a gorgeously dark and alluring track that draws on elements of post-metal, shoegaze and slowcore to craft something utterly enthralling.

Summoning The Lich - My Horrors Unending

After something utterly annihilating and brutal? Look no further than Summoning The Lich, the St. Louis, Missouri death metal brutes unveiling My Horrors Unending from their upcoming second album Under The Reviled Throne. Gut-churning grunts and snarls meet thrashy breakouts and grinding blasts in just under four and a half minutes of vicious, shrieky nastiness.

October Noir - The Ages

The Sunshine State’s resident gloomsters, October Noir have teamed up with Empire Hideous singer Myke Hideous on new single The Ages. The result is a molasses thick wall of gorgeous, shimmering goth metal that’ll have you wanting to slow-dance in a ruined church. If you’re mourning the departure of VV (again), then October Noir can fill that ‘doomed romantic’ hole in your life.

Siamese - Predator

When the likes of Enter Shikari and Pendulum were blowing up in the mid-2000s, nobody could have predicted that electronica would become so widespread in modern metal. Danes Siamese have been waving the flag for well over a decade now, but new single Predator sees the band marrying the finger-popping energy of rave rock with chunky, grinding riffs and a dirty breakdown that betrays their metalcore roots. Taken from the band’s upcoming album Elements - due August 9 - it’s fair to say that the electronic elements aren’t a passing fad.

Crossfaith - God Speed (ft. Wargasm)

No, really, rave rock is here to stay. The latest single from Crossfaith sees the Japanese band team up with UK nu metal revivalists Wargasm for a slinky, elecro-blitzkrieg that races along on buzzing synths and massive, crowd-baiting vocal hooks. Crack out the neon paint and the glowsticks for this one.

No Life - Obnoxious (ft. Emmure)

“It’s 3am and you’re getting on my fucking nerves.” New Zealand metalcore brutes No Life aren’t mincing words on new single Obnoxious, a seething ball of stomping rage that might be metalcore’s most misanthropic effort since Chimaira released Pure Hatred. A collab with Americans Emmure, the track is pure venomous rage, perfect if you’re wondering where the subgenre’s spikier, nastier edges have gone.

Tether. - Meet Me Where The Sun Touches The Sea

If you’re looking to off-set an overload of brutish, chunky riffs by digging for emotive, melodic choruses, then Tether.’s latest single Meet Me Where The Sun Touches The Sea is for you. The London-based newcomers have just announced their debut EP Mirror Work will be out on June 21 and this single is a great demonstration of their mastery of post-hardcore dynamics, striking a good balance between the genre’s more neck-bothering elements and ascendant sing-alongs.

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