Goo Goo Dolls: Something For The Rest Of Us

Toothless but touching return from the Buffalo rockers.

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While it’s hard to imagine anybody counting the days between

Naturally, we’re braced for death-by-creative-stasis… but Something For The Rest Of Us is surprisingly good. Of course, liking the Dolls has always required a certain suspension of cynicism – in this benign lyrical world, people invariable ‘catch each other when they fall’ and ‘take each other as they are’.

Still, on cuts like As I Am and Still Your Song, Rzeznik reminds us of his stone-cold talent for big, billowy, yearning songs that leave you wanting to renew your wedding vows or stand atop a mountain in the morning mist with your fist in the air. If that’s Rzeznik’s aim, then this album’s greatest achievement is Not Broken – a slowie destined to take such a big slice of the first-dance market that Robbie Williams will be pissing blood.

You’ll love this, and hate yourself afterwards.