Live Preview: Lonely Robot

Lonely Robot’s debut, Please Come Home, has been called “one of the finest prog-pop albums” of 2015. [Laughs] That’s because I’m the only person doing prog-pop in 2015. But yeah, it’s certainly exceeded all of my expectations.

Why did you feel the need to make it?

Everything I’ve done until now has been as part of a band. I’m surprised it took this long for the megalomaniac inside me to escape.

You’ve voiced your doubts that there will be any more albums from It Bites.

Never join your favourite band. Replacing Francis Dunnery has been tough, and I’m quite a delicate flower.

The Lonely Robot album has contributions from many special guests, including Steve Hogarth, Peter Cox and Nik Kershaw. Will they be at the Scala?

Those who don’t attend will get a black mark on their report card. Steven Wilson and Jem [Godfrey, his Frost* bandmate] aren’t on the record but they’re coming.

You must have supped a few stiff drinks before donning a spaceman outfit to take those promo photos at Trafalgar Square?

I got absolutely rotten, but the comments from the tourists were great. One Japanese guy said, “That’s not a real spacesuit,” to which I replied, “Yeah, that’s eBay for you.”

Your other group Frost have announced some gigs in 2016.

That surprised me too. Jem [who is also a pop producer] said he would never do it again but he loves a bit of prog when he’s not Auto-Tuning Katy Perry or whoever.

Will there be a Lonely Robot 2?

It’s close to completion, and called The Big Dream. Well, I’ve got nothing else to do.

Lonely Robot play London Scala on December 20.

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