Buried Treasure: Analogy

Analogy were essentially a German band formed in Italy, where their one and only album was recorded, and released exclusively.

Initially known as Yoice, they released a single, Sold Out, in 1971, which itself fetches sums of up to £500.

Reportedly the album had only a single pressing of 1,000 copies, which sold out almost instantly, just as their label was going bankrupt. Some copies came with a wraparound poster, which is now almost impossible to find. The reason for the poster (depicting a giant foot) was to cover up the nude images of a band wearing only psychedelic body paint.

Although overall lacking in memorable song structure, it’s an interesting and largely enjoyable album with many alluring twists and turns. That in itself is quite a feat, considering the album was recorded and mixed over just two days.

The influence of early ELP and Meddle-era Pink Floyd can be heard on mind-bending tracks such as Indian Meditation and the nine-minute, part-improvised epic title track. Fuzzed guitars, swirling organ and spooky, largely off-key female vocals are the main ingredients of the Analogy sound, and classical and jazz elements weave their way through dark and moody textures.

Despite key appearances on TV, at major festivals and on national tours supporting Curved Air and Atomic Rooster, the popularity of Analogy remained underground. This made it difficult to maintain, and they played their final shows near the end of 1973

Analogy, Dischi Produzioni Ventotto, Italy, 1972, £3,500+