Family: Corey Taylor


You were raised by your mother. Did you miss a father figure?

Indeed. People say you don’t need both parents, but it helps when you’re young and you’re struggling with your identity. It answers a lot of questions that linger about who you are, why you tend to be a certain way, etcetera.

Was Slipknot a surrogate family for you?

Absolutely. It was a collection of insane people who took me in and pushed me to be what I wanted to be, which was the best singer/writer on the planet. Clown was my first father figure, so I casually blame him for my earlier bad behaviour.

You’re a dad. What’s the biggest challenge of parenthood?

At first it’s nerve-racking because you don’t want to make mistakes. The first year is just making sure your kid stays alive. Then it becomes all about teaching and giving them what you have to give; things like love, empathy, manners, and helping them with their school work. .

How quickly can you change a nappy?

I never timed myself, but I suppose I could get it done – removal, wiping, powder, new one – in under two-point-five minutes. I’m a pro like that.