Redbone: Come And Get Your Redbone

An engaging collision of soul, funk, Latino and rock.

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Redbone were unique. Here were Native Americans who had a musical vision brilliantly captured on this compilation. Led by guitarist Lolly Vegas, whom Hendrix cited as an influence, they created some truly colourful music in the early 70s.

Remembered for the hits Come And Get Your Love, Maggie and The Witch-Queen Of New Orleans (all of which are here), this was just part of their considerable vocabulary.

What the band did best was to filter soul, funk, Latin and rootsy Native American rhythms through a stonking grasp of soft-rock detail.

You can hear the band’s understated virtuosity on Niji Trance and Judgement Day; it’s The James Gang with a Stax groove and tribal spirit… Originally released as a double album in 1975, this summary of the band’s first five albums shows how much Redbone were true pioneers./o:p