The Lounge Kittens post Sonisphere video diary


Vocal harmony trio The Lounge Kittens have posted a video diary summarising their weekend at the Sonisphere festival.

“We were crazy excited about playing at Sonisphere as we thought our crazy covers would go down well with the like-minded rock and metal lovers…..but we had no idea how far it would go!” the Kittens tell TeamRock. “We’ve talked about ticking things off the bucket list but Fred Durst coming to watch our show, opening Limp Bizkit’s set on the main stage, singing our Prodigy mash up to the actual Prodigy well, they’re all things that seemed so far out of reach they weren’t even on the list! We had the best time. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to watch us and came to say hello too!”

Check out the video below.