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The biggest and craziest deal we've seen this Black Friday? £6000 off this Jimmy Page guitar...

Jimmy Page guitar
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Jimmy Page’s Telecaster is the stuff of legend: over 50 years ago, it changed the sound of rock forever as the main guitar on Led Zeppelin’s debut.

Originally given to him by Jeff Beck, the ’59 Telecaster first saw use by Page in The Yardbirds and, in 1967, the future guitar hero sought to dazzle audiences by fitting eight round mirrors to the body, a look that Fender recreated in their Mirror Telecaster reissues a couple of years ago.

The production line version of that guitar went for £2,349. 

That's NOT the guitar that's on offer here. This one, with the hefty discount of £6222, meaning it's now a mere £13,333 at online retailers Thomann, is the Fender Jimmy Page Mirror MBPW. MBPW stands for Master Built by Paul Waller. 

Waller is one of the Fender Master Builders, an elect group of the world's best luthiers, The A-Team of axe-building, and this guitar has been handbuilt by him to the highest standards. Something that retailers Thomann don't exactly oversell in their deal, but...

Fender Jimmy Page MBPW: was £19,555, now £13,333

Fender Jimmy Page MBPW: was £19,555, now £13,333
What do you mean you saving to put a deposit down on a house?! Get a grip. This is a one-off opportunity to save £6,222 on one of the most lovingly recreated replicas in rock'n'roll history! A collector's item, by god! 

Sell the house! Cash-in your inheritance! Pawn the kids! Sell an arm, a leg! Do whatever you have to do! Don't let this get away!

Alternatively, buy this...

Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster: was £2,349, now £2,199

Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster: was £2,349, now £2,199
The regular version of the Fender Jimmy Page Mirror Telecaster is hard to find new and on this one you'll have to stick your own mirrors on. This Mirror Telecaster features a custom ‘Oval C’- shaped maple neck, ’50s Tele two-piece body, top-loader bridge, lacquer finish, plus a vintage tweed case and more key Page features besides. It just doesn't cost the earth.

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Tom Poak

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