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Nintendo Switch games: Save up to 25% at Walmart this Cyber Monday

Nintendo Switch Games: Cyber Monday
(Image credit: Nintendo/Activision/Blizzard)

While the Cyber Monday music deals continue to come in thick and fast, if you’re a gamer then let us point you in the direction of Nintendo Switch games. That's because Walmart have lopped a chunk of change from a variety of titles including a 25% saving on the incredible The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, which is down from $59.99 to $44.99.

Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: $59.99, $44.99, save $15
A saving of 15 bucks over at Walmart for one of the greatest games in the last 10 years is an absolute steal. It's an open-ended and beautifully crafted experience and one every Switch owner should have.View Deal

Less than 45 bucks for one of the greatest games of the last decade or so is pretty much unmissable if you’ve yet to delve into Hyrule and help Link awaken the four Divine Beasts to help vanquish the malevolent Ganon.

You’ll also find other great deals on Nintendo Switch software at Walmart – and we’ve picked out some of the best bargains below.

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Super Mario Odyssey: Was $58.88, now $44.99, save $13.89
Walmart have cut the price on Mario’s latest madcap adventure and it’s a spectacular and colourful journey from start to finish. Mazza’s finest outing since Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii.View Deal

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze: $54.94, $44.99, save $9.95
Save just under $10 on this classic side-scrolling adventure with Donkey Kong and friends. This first appeared on Wii U, but the Switch version is superior thanks in part to “Funky Mode”. View Deal

Super Mario Party: Was $59.88, now $44.99, save $14.89
A shade under $15 for the latest in the famous multi-player instalment in the Mario Party series makes this a top deal for Christmas. Fun fact: Amazingly, this is the 11th Mario Party game.View Deal

Crash Team Racing: Was £39.99, now $20, save $19.99
A gorgeous remake of the PlayStation 1 classic does not disappoint. While we love Mario Kart, this one is a tougher challenge and there’s loads of stuff to unlock and enjoy.View Deal

Diablo III Eternal Collection: $59.99, now $46.90, save $13.09
Another great deal over at Walmart is this stellar port of Diablo III. Quite how Blizzard managed to cram this into a dinky Switch cart still amazes us. Perfect multi-player action and still fun causing chaos in solo mode.View Deal

Cyber Monday deals live now (US)

Cyber Monday deals live now (US)