Maynard James Keenan: new Tool album is “Chinese Democracy 2”


Tool singer Maynard James Keenan has compared his band’s long-awaited new album to Guns N’ Roses’ elephantine Chinese Democracy.

The prog-metal icons haven’t released a new album since 2006’s 10,000 Days. In a new interview with Revolver magazine about his other band, A Perfect Circle, Keenan jokingly suggests the protracted delay rivals the lengthy gestation period of GN’R’s last album.

“I had this other looming project [Tool] that can’t seem to go forward, as much as I’ve tried, every magic word in the book that I tried,” Keenan said. “It’s just no different – and worse because there’s pressure now, and what are we? Chinese Democracy II or III?”

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Tool officially began recording their as-yet-untitled fifth album in March 2018 with producer Joe Baresi. Drummer Danny Carey recently described the tracks as: “Long… too long! Definitely too long for the radio!”

Keenan himself hasn’t been idle during Tool’s lengthy studio hiatus. The singer’s other band, A Perfect Circle, release their fourth album, Eat The Elephant, on April 20. It’s the follow-up to their politically charged 2004 covers album eMOTIVE – a 14-year gap that puts the wait between Tool albums in the shade.

In a brand new interview in the latest issue of Classic Rock, Keenan talks about the lengthy delay between APC albums and why they choose to make a comeback in 2018.

“It just felt like it was time,” says the singer. “A lot of different factors came together. I saw a window to get it done, and Billy [Howerdel, APC guitarist] seemed ready. And it seemed like a perfect follow up to eMOTIVE. We thought things were bad then.”