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Doctor arrested over death of 3 Doors Down’s Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts playing with 3 Doors Down in 2011
Matt Roberts playing with 3 Doors Down in 2011 (Image credit: Getty)

A doctor has been arrested in connection with the death of former 3 Doors Down guitarist Matt Roberts.

Roberts was found dead at the age of 38 in a Wisconsin hotel room ahead of a charity concert he was planning to play in August after an apparent accidental prescription drug overdose.

The subsequent investigation into his death discovered the source of the drugs was from Alabama, which has led to the arrest of Dr Richard Snellgrove.

He’s been indicted for “illegal drug distribution” in relation to the death of Roberts.

Roberts’ father, Darrell Roberts tells Fox 6: “There’s no satisfaction in seeing a doctor arrested. I don’t have any bitterness, no anger, nothing like that towards the doctor, but I’m also aware this is a serious issue in the medical community all over the United States.”

According to the US Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of Alabama, Snellgrove is alleged to have prescribed controlled substances under various names “knowing and intending” that Roberts would receive them.

A total of five prescriptions were uncovered for methadone, hydrocodone, loraxepam and fentanyl. It’s also alleged they weren’t written for a legitimate medical reason.

Roberts left 3 Doors Down in 2012 citing health issues, saying the band would “always have a special place in my heart.”

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