TeamRock's Tracks of the Week

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra


The latest track from the ridiculously-named supergroup – which features, among others, the Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds and Alice In Chains’ William DuVall on vocals – is a sneering, sinister number that’s both a little bit bluesy and a little bit funky. Precisely the kind of song you’d expect a band called Giraffe Tongue Orchestra to make, then.

NOFX – Six Years On Dope

Anyone who knows anything about NOFX knows they aren’t ones to hold back. This song – taken from their recently announced 13th studio album, First Ditch Effort – is only a minute and a half long, and is a super-charged reflection on mainman Fat Mike’s drug addiction and, essentially, a warning not to follow suit. Who’d have thought it?


California’s DevilDriver might have had two new members – drummer Austin D’Amond and guitarist Neal Tiemann – for seventh full-length Trust No One, but everything else was business as usual, which is to say the record was just as dark and devilish as this song and its dark and devilish video.

MEGADETH – Post American World

As a Donald Trump presidency becomes more and more likely, it makes sense that Megadeth have released this appropriately themed song to soundtrack the country’s impending doom. Shot in one day and taken from this year’s 15th studio record, Dystopia, it’s the veteran thrash metallers at their apocalyptic best.

PROPHETS OF RAGE – Prophets Of Rage

Speaking of Donald Trump, political powerhouse supergroup Prophets Of Rage are on a mission to, in their words, “Make America Rage again”. This eponymous anthem’s cross of hip-hop and metal might be a little gimmicky and unconvincing, but the fact remains they have the platform to get across a message that’s needed now as much as ever.


What do Miley Cyrus and Black Stone Cherry have in common? Not a lot, except for the fact that the pop star’s dad, Achey Breaky Heart singer Billy Ray Cyrus, features in this video as the titular rambler. A slow, sad song, it’s taken from the band’s fifth album, Kentucky, which was released back in April.

Prophets Of Rage in surprise rooftop performance

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