Tracks of the Week


Here’s our pick of the songs that’ve rocked us like a massive cyclone.

**YOUNG GUNS – Daylight **Young Guns have been honing their knack for writing epic anthems for a good while now, and new album Ones And Zeroes is full of them. Case in point is this uplifting and insistent track, which sees Gustav Wood offer shards of hope over a military drum beat and a constant blast of soaring, sunny melodics.

ENTER SHIKARI – Torn Apart Though this is a relatively mellow one for Enter Shikari, it’s still underpinned by frenetic beats and a message of unification and solidarity. Rou Reynolds actually sings more than he spits and snarls, but there are still hints of the band’s trademark, visceral rebellion present – something needed now more than ever.

ANTI-FLAG (WITH TIM ARMSTRONG) – Brandenburg Coming off as a cross between The Ramones and The Clash, this latest single from the Pittsburgh anarcho-punks – featuring vocals from the Rancid singer – is a requiem to socialism in the West and the way it’s been corrupted by corporate governments all over the world. Heavy stuff, but politics has rarely sounded so catchy.

NECK DEEP – Can’t Kick Up The Roots Wrexham pop-punks Neck Deep celebrate their roots with this blast of pure nostalgia about growing up and leaving the past behind. As they prove with this infectious, rough-around-the-edges blast of defiance, though, they’ll never be able to shake it off completely, nor should they if this kind of thing is the result.

**TWENTY ONE PILOTS - Ride **If you fancy some breezy, reggae vibes to round off the weekend, then you could do worse than listen to this track from the Columbus, Ohio duo. But be prepared – it gets kind of sad towards the middle and the end, so if you want to just let go and not think about the bad times, this probably isn’t the song for you.

**SLAVES – Cheer Up London **A hybrid of different British and musical cultures, Slaves tread a fine line between seriousness and pastiche. We’re not quite sure they get away with it here, but listen enough times and you’ll be chanting along belligerently before you even realise it.


Last week’s poll winners were Yosemite National Park quintet From Indian Lakes, with their single Ghost. The vote will return next week, so until then, check out these indie rock champs.

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