Tracks Of The Week

All Time Low
All Time Low

Here are six brilliant tracks that, if played at the same time, would sound like Hell’s house band.

LETLIVE. – Good Mourning, America
Three years on from the release of The Blackest Beautiful, Los Angeles’ letlive. are back with the first song from their forthcoming album, If I’m The Devil…. Inspired by the recent spate of killings by US police officers, Good Mourning, America is a vitriolic, powerful call to arms for people to stand up and make their voices heard. Welcome back.

Baroness’ Purple was one of last year’s best albums. It’s easy to hear why with Shock Me – it’s tough yet sombre, full of melody but also driven by a dark, aggressive edge. Not to the mention the fact it totally changes tack halfway through, blossoming into a beautiful, psych-metal anthem. The video’s pretty creepy, mind.

DAVID BOWIE – I Can’t Give Everything Away
Almost four months since his death, the world just doesn’t seem the same without David Bowie. Yet – as was his intention, by keeping both his illness and the recording of his final album secret – his spirit remains very much alive. This is a sad track full of desperation and sorrow, yet one that also makes you feel that maybe, just maybe, death isn’t the end after all.

ALL TIME LOW – Missing You
This Maryland quartet began their career as some sort of poor man’s Blink-182 – and even more juvenile, to boot – but now they’re all grown up. Sort of. This video cuts the song – a sweet, jangly single that sounds a bit like Plain White T’s’ Hey There Delilah – with the band surprising unsuspecting fans online. It’s almost enough to make us feel something in our cold, dark hearts.

JOHN 5 – Now Fear This
What’s that? You wanted a trippy, David Lynch homage set to an instrumental track by Rob Zombie guitarist John 5? Well, aren’t you lucky? Now Fear This is basically lots of noodling over a mildly funky melody that also sounds like it could be the score to a futuristic B-movie horror flick.

DANNY WORSNOP – I Got Bones Former Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop has never had hidden his love of excess – in whatever capacity – from the world. And so it is with this track, a mid-tempo Southern rocker that’s, well, basically about humping. “I got bones,” he sings, “when you’re ready to jump them.” It’s a world away from his former band and sounds surprisingly authentic, too. Must be those pointy boots he wears.