Tracks Of The Week

Zakk Wylde
\"I don't think this ram is very well...\"

Join us as we twist the tastiest fruit from rock’s bountiful vine, give them a rinse under the tap and enjoy. You’ll be pleased to know that these tracks form part of that five-a-day business they’re always banging on about on the telly.

WIRE – Internal Exile
At the end of April, legendary post-punks Wire will release Nocturnal Koreans, a mini-album of tracks recorded during the sessions for last year’s self-titled album. Internal Exile is one of those songs, and sees the veteran London band forge their sound forward solidly, if somewhat more mellowly, into the future.

AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE – Let All the World Believe
If you want to do a sick in your mouth, you could do worse than watch this video for American Head Charge’s latest single, which features intense close-ups of rather graphic surgical procedures. Not to be outdone by the visuals, the song, from their first album in over a decade, is a rush of gruesome metal.

Almost 40 years after forming, Killing Joke remain as relevant as ever. Taken from last year’s fifteenth studio album, Pylon, New Cold War is an incisive, powerful and terrifying summation of the world as it stands today. It’s accompanied by appropriately apocalyptic imagery that spans the past 40 years and proves, essentially, that not much has really changed. Balls.

BLACK PEAKS – White Eyes
Brighton’s Black Peaks are gearing up to release their debut album week. Until then, you’re going to have to make do with this juggernaut of a song that fires fast and hard from the off.

ZAKK WYLDE – Sleeping Dogs
Two decades after his first solo album, Book Of Shadows, Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde has stepped away from his leather waistcoated brothers once again. This moody, slightly psychedelic number is from his second solo album, Book Of Shadows II. We’d love to tell him that he could’ve tried harder with that album title, but have you seen his arms? He’d tear us in two like a soggy phone book.

Rising New York trio Against The Current have released this lyric video for Wasteland, from their debut album, In Our Bones. It’s not the heaviest song on the list this week, but there’s no denying the emphatic darkness that permeates the song. Expect to hear a lot more from this lot in the very near future.