Tracks Of The Week


Check out what, Metal Hammer, Prog and Classic Rock have been listening to during the past seven days, then vote for your favourite below!

ROLO TOMASSI – Opalescent This stark, black and white video for Sheffield noiseniks Rolo Tomassi matches its dark, moody tone. And while it might be one of their more gentle tracks – there’s no screaming on it at all – it’s still propelled by an intensity which builds up to a crescendo that’s both beautiful and powerful.

TEENAGE TIME KILLERS (FEATURING MATT SKIBA) – Barrio As if he weren’t already busy enough with Alkaline Trio, The Sekrets and some band called Blink-182, Matt Skiba has also found time to sing on this storming, old school punk rock call to arms by collaborative supergroup Teenage Time Killers (which also features Jello Biafra, Randy Blythe, Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl and a thousand other well-known rockers). Hey! Ho! Let’s go!

CITIZEN – Cement Their new album might be called Everybody Is Going To Heaven, but this sneering, insistent chug of a song sounds more like it was conceived in fiery depths of Hell. A deliciously uncompromising slice of post-punk for the modern age, this should, erm, cement their status as one of the most promising young alternative acts around.

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE – Wade In The Water You want intense? Then listen no further. This second single from the Louisiana metalcore macericks’ forthcoming fourth album makes Dillinger Escape Plan sound like James Blunt. Well, not quite, but it’s got enough math-rocky guitar noodling, crunching riffs and devastating growls to give you earache for days.

FROM INDIAN LAKES - Ghost From Indian Lakes seem like nice chaps, so watching the band’s members each meet their demise in this video is a bit upsetting. That said, it’s a beautiful and haunting fit for a beautiful and haunting song, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to watch them die again as soon as it’s over.


**BITERS – Restless Hearts **Screw election results and cloudy day blues – crank up this 70s-riddled, power pop-charged dose of rock’n’roll. All performed by Atlanta-based youths who look a bit like The Ramones, or Joan Jett. Happy days!

RIDDLES – Wizards Of War Restless young scamps from Hastings, rebooting Hawkwind’s anarcho space chug for the scissor-kicking, adolescent biker jacket brigade of today. Did you know that everyone’s moving to Hastings? THIS IS WHY.

**ROLLING STONES – Bitch (extended version) **Hear that horn riff? We reckon Rocket From The Crypt based their entire career on those few short brassy blasts. From the new, expanded edition of the classic Sticky Fingers, this is the band at their most incendiary, like a revolution inside a firestorm caught up in a tornado. They really don’t make ‘em like this any more.


JELLYFISH – The King Is Half Undressed Jerry Ewing: “Some might say that you can tell what we’ve been working on by the choices made for our weekly round up of cracking tunes. I would say we possibly couldn’t comment. Suffice to say that Jellyfish’s ebullient power pop, with added 10cc, Supertramp, Queen and Beach Boys has had the whole office singing all afternoon. So I thought I’d share it with you. Was also thinking of getting the team to come to work dressed up like Jellyfish from now on. What do you think?”

SWEET BILLY PILGRIM - Coloma Blues Hannah May Kilroy: “Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s jangly electro folk has won over the hearts and ears of many at Prog Towers, particularly after watching them recently at Desertfest. This jaunty little number is especially enchanting, and Jana Carpenter’s soulful and uplifting vocals are a notable highlight.”

**CYCLOBE - You’re Not Alone, You’re Dreaming **Russell Fairbrother: “So you like progressive music, you like ambient meditative music and you’re partial to a bit of drone coupled with a smidgeon of folk. Well, here in one handy box, are Cyclobe, the now infrequent partnership of Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown whose past collaborations include Coil and Derek Jarman. This piece is instantly accessible and easily will annoy your family on a Sunday morning. It’s not the soundtrack of a new world you’ll be bringing to their party, but of a whole new universe.”


TURNSTILE – Can’t Deny It Alexander Milas: “With huge riffs and a clear adoration of Rage Against The Machine, this is music to break shit to.”

VOIVOD –Target Earth Jonathan Selzer: “Their early albums have never lost their oddness, but once they click, an entire world opens up. They’re playing London’s Underworld on May 20, and when you get eye contact with another Voivod fan and know that you’ve both been beamed to the same alternate reality, you’ll also know the true meaning of metal brotherhood.”

**KING PARROT – Home Is Where The Gutter Is **Eleanor Goodman: “Another horrifying mini-movie from Phil Anselmo’s Aussie mates. This time with added pissing.”


Last week’s clear winners were Black Moth who trampled the competition with this song named after balloon fetishists. Well done, everyone. If you’re not already acquainted with this song, seize this opportunity. Go!