Tracks Of The Week


Join us as we hover impatiently around rock’s pizza buffet to grab six of the tastiest musical slices from the past seven days…

WEEZER – King Of The World
This week, the band announced the most ridiculous pre-order for their forthcoming album – a $25,000 trip to the Galápagos Islands with Rivers Cuomo, anyone? – and quickly followed it up with an equally daft video. It’s not as crazy as it could have been, though – it’s just a man in a cape causing merry hell at the local beach. Anyone who lives in a UK coastal town are used to such delights. King Of The World suggests that their latest self-titled album – their fourth, the lazy sods – that time has not dulled Cuomo’s ear for an infectious pop hook.

Even in 2015, Killing Joke are just as terrifying and as relevant as they ever were. This track, taken from last year’s 15th studio album Pylon, soars with an appropriately euphoric new wave shimmer, but there are dark undertones to Jaz Coleman’s lyrics and his ethereal, disembodied vocals, which float away into nothing as the song twists and turns like expanding metal beneath it.

**RISE AGAINST – People Live Here
**Taken from Rise Against’s seventh full-length, The Black Market, People Live Here is a sombre and gentle song which confronts struggles in the world – religious, military and economic – that only seem to be deepening. It’s powerful enough on its own, but this new video, which highlights the vast disparity between and poor, makes for harrowing viewing.

Just when you think every genre has been invented (and reinvented) to death, along come Milton Keynes’ Hacktivist with a compelling grime/djent crossover. Buszy – a paean to their local youth centre, closed due to council budget cuts – is thrillingly abrasive stuff.

CAPSIZE – The Angst In My Veins
Watch this new video from this rising Southern California hardcore outfit, and it’s clear to see why there’s a buzz building around the quintet. This is the title track from last year’s debut album, and as that title suggests, there’s plenty of angst in this song, spat out with true venom. Yet it’s also empowering and inspiring, and promises great things still to come.

**Resurrection Kings – comprised of former Dio members Vinny Appice and Craig Goldy, former Dokken bassist Sean McNabb and ex-Lynch Mob singer Chas West – have released this second single from their forthcoming debut album. This is perfectly polished hard rock with a bite, but with their pedigree, that’s not really a surprise.