Tracks of the Week


After an initial idea, these groups of musicians brushed the surface of their songs with olive oil and then added enough sauce mix to cover the base spreading evenly. Then, they sprinkled on a handful of grated riffs followed by their own choice of melodic toppings. These six tracks were then cooked at 200C for 20 minutes in a professional studio, sliced up and served directly to you, the listener.

Listen, enjoy and comment below…

This brand new, non-album track from Enter Shikari sees the band explore some seriously galactic and interstellar territory. Which is to say that Redshift doesn’t sound all that much like Enter Shikari – it’s almost gentle and almost romantic, and much more existential and philosophical than it is political and acerbic. And it’ll fasten itself to your brain like a space barnacle. What we want to know is, how much money did this video cost? Far more than their 2008 promo for We Can Breathe In Space, that’s for sure.

**MATILDA’S SCOUNDRELS – Sinking In Their Sins
**Hailing from Hastings, Matilda’s Scoundrels play fiery and feisty folk-punk. This track, taken from their forthcoming split with local punks The Barracks, is like a giant swig of pirate’s grog, a feel-good, sea-faring anthem full of hope and promise for a bright future – and, quite possibly, a killer hangover. Fantastic, frenetic and fun.

HECK – Good As Dead
If Good As Dead is anything to go by, the band formerly known as Baby Godzilla are anything but. Taken from their forthcoming debut album, Instructions, this track is a vicious blast of acerbic deadly noise that doesn’t let up for over four minutes. It’ll leave you as good as dead, but it’s absolutely worth it.

In October last year, metal veterans Queensrÿche released their 15th studio album, Condition Hüman. This track – which has an awesomely retro steampunk video to accompany it – shows they still know what they’re doing when it comes to mixing progressive metal with proggy undertones. Be warned, though – the chorus will be stuck in your head for hours.

MOGWAI – U-235
Scottish post-rock legends Mogwai will be releasing a new album, Atomic, on April 1. It features reworked material that they originally composed for a film, Atomic: Living In Dread And Promise, about the 1945 Hiroshima bomb attack. A little John Carpenter-esque, this is a fittingly tense and sinister track.

For this single from forthcoming fourth album, Earthbound, Southampton metalcore merchants have created their own black and white B-movie that’s as dark as the band’s name. There’s creepy animation, over-the-top acting and, of course, a blisteringly heavy yet simultaneously catchy soundtrack. Which is all you want, really.