Tracks of the Week


Let’s see what Santa has left under the Christmas tree this week…

MOTÖRHEAD – When The Sky Comes Looking For You
Released earlier this year, Bad Magic was Motörhead’s 22nd album, and was very much business as usual for the British hard rockers. This video, too, is what you might expect from Lemmy and co – a dark, disturbing and slightly sadistic tale about a biker dude and what we can only surmise is black magic…

Are you bored of every band on the planet covering Adele’s actually quite average Hello yet? You should be. That said, this tender, touching cover by Coheed And Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez is one of the better ones out there, replacing the overblown pomp of the original with some frail, heartfelt emotion.

FAITH NO MORE – Separation Anxiety
Using footage from 1955 horror flick Dementia – which is also known as Daughter of Horror – Faith No More have made a video that’s just as creepy as the song it’s for. Taken from this year’s long-awaited Sol Invictus record, the song sees the San Francisco band at the very top of their game, and with the visuals to boot.

THE HELL – The Fever
One of the UK’s most belligerent and abrasive bands, The Hell pull no punches when it comes to their music or their videos. So you might want to watch the video for their latest video with your hands over your eyes – it’s pretty grotesque. If you can stomach it, though, you’re in for an absolutely gory treat.

WE CAME AS ROMANS – Who Will Pray?
For their self-titled fourth album, Troy Michigan’s We Came As Romans went into full on pop mode. Yes, they still have their distinctive metalcore edge, but Who Will Pray? contains one of the biggest choruses of the year and shows that there’s absolutely no shame writing a catchy tune if it’s done with integrity and conviction.

With the release of their debut EP, Everything We Left Behind, the only alternative emo rock band to ever come from Deal (probably) have revealed themselves as ones to look out for. For while it’s early days, this track is full of fire, spirit and gut-wrenching emotions. The video’s also really sweet.