Tracks of the Week


This week’s best new releases feature bouts of unflinching introspection, walls of loud, repetitive riffs, lots of shouting and a mysterious subplot involving the police. Much like a Friday night, right? Anyone?

DAVE GAHAN & SOULSAVERS – All Of This And Nothing
This video is apparently the world’s first DIY hologram, but if you don’t want to make your own viewer, it’s still pretty trippy without it. Gahan’s vocals are distinctive enough to make this reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but the atmospheric instrumentation provided by Soulsavers – not to mention the background gospel singers – make for a truly atmospheric, thrilling tune.

THE XCERTS – Live Like This
One of last year’s best rock albums was There Is Only You the third LP from Scottish noise munchers The Xcerts. The catchy hooks and urgent, impassioned chorus of *Live Like This *encapsulated everything that’s great about the record as a whole, and is a truly fitting way for the band to close this chapter and move onto the next.

A couple of weeks ago, this Sheffield quintet debuted a video from this year’s Leeds Festival performance, which showed just how devastating their live show is. This, however, is a totally different kettle of brutality – a harrowing and disturbing mini-film that’s as powerful and hard-hitting as the song itself.

**Five Finger Death Punch aren’t a band known for their subtlety, so it comes as no surprise that the video for *Wash It All Away *– which is mainly captured live – is an in-your-face explosion of pyrotechnics and, of course, heavy riffage, gruff vocals and noodling guitar solos. Heavy as it is, though, it’s highly infectious.

**TELLISON – Wrecker
**Tellison have long been one of London’s most underrated bands. Straddling the line between emo, indie and punk, the four-piece offer up cerebral noise-pop. This song could easily be something Weezer could have written in their heyday, which, given the state of Weezer these days, is a most wonderful thing.

BURY TOMORROW – Earthbound
Here’s a blast of adrenalin for you! Taken from the Southampton metalcore merchants’ album of the same name – due in early 2016 – *Earthbound *is a crushing, powerful rush of ferocious noise. Almost a decade after they formed, this shows the band have no plans for either slowing or turning down.