Tracks of the Week


Seeing as it’s Hallowe’en this weekend, we’re stuffing our ears with only the finest treats from these noisy neighbours…

TONIGHT ALIVE – Human Interaction
With its poppy, upbeat hooks and Jenna McDougall’s defiant vocal delivery, Tonight Alive’s brand new single should propel the Australian quintet even further into the mainstream. It’s taken from their forthcoming album Limitless, which looks like it might be quite the apt title.

*Everybody knows by now that the new Coheed And Cambria album isn’t part of The Amory Wars*, their ongoing sci-fi narrative, but actually about real life in this world. It’s made for their most vital and emotive set of songs to date, and this track is no exception, beginning with a little acoustic riff before bursting into euphoric (yet melancholy) life.

WEEZER – Thank God For Girls
Every time Weezer release a new song, the world holds its collective breath in the hope that it’s not yet another Weezer-by-numbers self-parody. That’s exactly what the video for *Thank God For Girls is, but the song doesn’t quite plumb those depths. In fact, it’s pretty damn catchy in places. It’s no The Sweater Song*, though.

After the dissolution of Pure Love, Frank Carter found his hardcore mojo again with his new band. This track, from their debut full-length Blossom, is a sneering, snarling punk anthem full of attitude. Its gruesome and violent counterpart video, which depicts Carter getting kidnapped, fits it perfectly.

THE ALL BRIGHTS – The Breakers
Although Dave Hause hasn’t technically disbanded The Loved Ones, his attention in recent years has been more focussed on his solo career. Now, he’s started this semi-secret punk rock supergroup with – allegedly – members of Good Riddance and Lagwagon. This song sounds a lot like his solo stuff, albeit with a bit more of a whimsical edge. That’s no bad thing.

TRIBULATION – Melancholia
This new song from Swedish metal types Tribulation doesn’t sound particularly melancholy. In fact, beyond the death growl vocals, it’s a positively uplifting, and almost hummable, somewhat breezy tune. Don’t let your guard down, though – the accompanying video is absolutely bloody terrifying at times.