Tracks Of The Week


And good day to you, sir. So what musical delights have the last seven days coughed up in our ears? Pass us a tissue, and we’ll tell you.

FAITH NO MORE – Sunny Side Up
Released earlier this year, Faith No More’s long-awaited seventh album saw the veteran alternative rockers on fine form. This groove-laden, almost funky track was one of the standout tracks, and this video doesn’t let it down. Recasting the band as patients in an old people’s home, it’s as funny as it is sad, but ends with a real feeling of joy and jubilation.

**THERAPY? – Deathstimate
**They might have been a band of over a quarter of a century now, but Northern Ireland’s Therapy?, like the finest of wines, just keep getting better with age. As its title suggests, this is a dark and disturbing track – taken from this year’s Disquiet, the band’s 14th studio album – that’s matched only by its equally ominous video. We’d say it’s one of the band’s best ever songs, but at this rate, they’ll probably release a better one next year.

CROWN THE EMPIRE – Prisoners Of War
Crown The Empire started life sounding like a metalcore version of Panic! At The Disco, but with last year’s second album, The Resistance: Rise Of The Runaways, the Dallas-based six-piece took a more gloomy turn. Now getting the deluxe reissue treatment, this track demonstrates the more sinister, treacherous path their music has taken.

HECK – The Breakers
The band formerly known as Baby Godzilla might have been forced to change their name due to pressure from the company behind the Japanese Godzilla movie makers, but they’re just as fierce and ferocious as HECK. In fact, this song very much sounds like a giant lizard creature wreaking havoc and destruction on a city, but that’s probably just coincidence.

**BRING ME THE HORIZON – Happy Song (Live From Leeds Festival 2015)
**Sheffield’s Bring Me The Horizon have long been one of Britain’s greatest live acts. As this video, recorded at this year’s Leeds Festival, demonstrates, the band can even turn a huge festival field into a raging inferno of flailing bodies and limbs. “Let’s break some fucking bones!” declares Oli Sykes towards the end, perhaps sending the St. John’s Ambulance team into a blind panic.

**FALL OUT BOY – I Wan’na Be Like You
**Fall Out Boy might be a divisive band, but most people love Disney films, and the pop-punk outfit’s cover of this classic from The Jungle Book is actually pretty authentic and entertaining. It doesn’t, sadly, offer an insight into yet another new direction, but is taken from the We Love Disney tribute album that also features the likes of NE-YO, Jessie J, Jason Derulo and Gwen Stefani. Still, one can dream.